in case of emergency - good luck

several key words and phrases give a hint to what the song is about:

- Caspians Killer
- Kelly
- Kiss me

This is referring to the murder case in Caspian, Michigan that was nearing its conclusion by the end of 2016. The case is where Kelly Cochran and her husband lured a man named Cris Regan, whom Kelly had had an affair with, to their home where he was killed and dismembered due to an agreement the couple had with each other after marriage that if one were to cheat, they'd have to kill who they cheated with. Kelly would later kill her husband with a forced heroin overdose as revenge. She is set to go to jail for the rest of her life this year.

Я за вот такое люблю и их Taro в том числе - когда за песней стоит какая-то охуительная история про любовь и смерти :lol:

Вообще, в отрыве от лирики, чисто из-за атмосферы у меня песня вызывает чисто свладовские ассоциации, но, хм, не будем.

Не могу перестать слушать дней пять, дайте уже альбом!

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