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Еще сегодня (прям все в один день, ну) на тумблере выкладывают первые работы по Биг Бэнгу, посвященные Дирку Джентли. Я имела честь иллюстрировать макси одного очень хорошего и известного в фандоме автора под ником nekosmuse. Я готова любить этого человека и нашу рабочую переписку вечно, это было прекрасно :heart: Очень-очень классный опыт, и я вам искренне рекомендую то, что у нас в итоге получилось. Не забудьте обласкать автора (не меня) на AO3 и тумблере, ники там одинаковые)

The Furthest City Light
by marizetta and nekosmuse

Written for dghdabigbang

Dirk Gently (as he’s taken to calling himself) has spent most of his life in Blackwing custody. In that time absolutely nothing of any interest has happened. Instead, a good deal of not-very-good or possibly even very-bad things have happened. These mostly involved a number of people in white coats poking and prodding him while making him guess at numbers. Outside of these unwanted visitors, the vast majority of Dirk’s time is spent alone. And then one day a technician leads Dirk into a room where a boy around his age sits behind a table, looking sullen and perhaps a little nervous. Dirk likes him immediately.

Alternate Meeting AU, in which 21 year old Dirk meets 20 year old Todd while still in Blackwing custody.

Notes: Can be read as gen or preslash. No explicit romance. Contains darker themes similar to the show including, but not limited to: child experimentation, isolation, captivity, psychological abuse.

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